Windwalker85 -WxFxC-

prefers arcade and realistic mode

Invitations to join the squadron

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3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:87%, RB:46%, SB:10%
Squadron battles, aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>75%, winrate>65%, air kdr>2, battles>2000
Apocalypse Squadron

45 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:70%, SB:39%
We strive to promote efficiency in the air, formations, flexible but logical tactics and to have a bit of fun while doing. We look for pilots/tankers/captains who value teamwork and aim for victory!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>63%, winrate>55%, lifespan>5min., battles>3000
VIVID Abstucture

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We are an international squadron looking for experienced players. Our main focuses are Realistic Squadron Battles and Tournaments. If you are intrested feel free to apply to our group.
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>68%, winrate>53%, battles>1500
Just Old Brothers

125 players, EFFICIENCY AB:78%, RB:58%, SB:25%
JOB is an international squadron which mainly plays tank battles (AB/RB/SB). Our play style is aggressive and we promote fun and team spirit. See our info page on Thunderskill for details.
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>75%, winrate>55%, battles>500
9 Pound-Hammer zMofos

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
9PH Kush Bois - Realistic niggah bois
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>74%, winrate>55%, battles>100
GMF eSports

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:75%, SB:76%
We are mostly russian-speaking community with some English speakers lol ||| Набор дэбилов, полковые для овощей о/
realistic battles, efficiency>74%, winrate>54%, battles>500
No Limit Ch0derz

26 players, EFFICIENCY AB:77%, RB:43%, SB:4%
We strive to be #1, we are the No Limit Choders!!!
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>55%, air kdr>2, ground kdr>2, lifespan>3min., battles>500

135 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:71%, SB:45%
We are an experienced international squadron with a focus to Realistic Battles and Squadron Battles. Join our discord and talk to one of the officers. Join our discord:
realistic battles, efficiency>65%, battles>2000
No VASeline

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:69%, SB:39%
We are a fresh and ambitious squadron dealing with experienced players oriented towards doing squadron battles. Our community is as multicultural as it can be, communications are predominantly in Eng
Squadron battles, arcade battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>55%, air kdr>2, ground kdr>2, air kbr>3, ground kbr>2, battles>1000