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Invitations to join the squadron

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Wings Of Victory

67 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:65%, SB:88%
=WoVi= Is a ranked, highly skilled squadron that focuses on Air Sim -If you are seeing this listing, you may qualify to join us. -"You are only as good as your wingman" - https://discord.gg/WySPu7P
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>75%, lifespan>3min., battles>10
352nd FG

27 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:56%, SB:84%
=352OC= is THE best Air SB squadron on Play Station. We are organized and take care of our own. Requirements: 18+, english speaking, have a mic, Play Station, have Discord, just fly with the squadron.
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>75%, lifespan>5min., battles>50
Team Ahma

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:64%, SB:82%
Vanhat ukot pitää hauskaa. Oletko säkin vanha? liity joukkoomme hilpeään :)
simulator battles, efficiency>60%,

10 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:58%, SB:81%
If you are looking for a SB-focusing - mostly german - fun-squad, please consider joining. :)
simulator battles, efficiency>60%,
475th Fighter Grp Satans Angels

18 players, EFFICIENCY AB:48%, RB:40%, SB:86%
A historical group modeled on the 475th Fighter Group. We fly the P-38 in simulator battles. We emphasize teamwork and communication. Teamspeak is a requirement for membership. Maturity is assumed.
aircrafts, simulator battles,
Ghost Division

19 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:65%, SB:28%
We are a growing squadron thats chill / causual we run squadron battles for fun and we aim to maximize the amount of fun and member activity. Join us if you are like minded player 😉
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, battles>250
Viking Pancelos Hadtest

47 players, EFFICIENCY AB:68%, RB:51%, SB:18%
Discord használata alap, ELVÁRT!! Életkor minimum: 15 https://discord.me/vphsquad
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>2min., battles>1000
Tankery Anti-Sealclubber Force

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:67%, SB:25%
We're a chill squadron looking for more people to play with. Come join us!
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:64%, SB:58%
Jesus loves you
realistic battles, efficiency>60%, battles>500
3rd Mixed Brigade

24 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:66%, SB:40%
Howdy folks. 3rdMB is a squadron battle-focused squadron made for people with a life. You must have discord, and have a tier 5 vehicle. please join discord to learn more https://discord.gg/A45Raxm.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>1min.,

51 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:67%, SB:42%
We're looking for an above average player. It is mandatory to enter the Discord server. >>>https://discord.gg/rMCmSqY<<< You must speak English or Japanese.
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>1min., battles>750
Eram quod es eris quod sum

20 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:72%, SB:38%
(◕‿‿◕)僕と契約して惑星害獣になってよ(◕‿‿◕)I want you to make contracts with me and become cancer player (◕‿‿◕)
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>1%,
The Order of the Black Knights

1 player, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:59%, SB:50%
If you don't like seasonal garbage anime and wanna decent time playing non op event vehicles, call 1-800-696-9696.
realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
The BlackSheep Squadron

173 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:65%, SB:24%
We are a casual, English-speaking squadron with a focus on realistic battles for players of all skill levels. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/3bzMMdh
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, lifespan>1min., battles>500
Gagah dan Sadis

58 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:70%, SB:50%
Squadron Asal Indonesia yang lebih fokus ke Air/Ground Realistic Battles dan Squadron Battles. Have fun dan kebersamaan adalah kunci dari komunitas kami. join discord kami: https://discord.gg/ZWwvcGm
Squadron battles, realistic battles, battles>750

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:68%, RB:67%, SB:0%
We are a discord community that plays many games. We are honest players who thrive off bettering our gaming skills and working together. Come join us to do squad events! No toxic players or hackers.
Squadron battles, arcade battles, efficiency>50%, battles>100
Complete Khaos

87 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:68%, SB:46%
KHAOS is an RB squadron and community. We compete in Squadron RB. We're looking for great players like you. Make new friends, learn new skills, and compete! More info on our ThunderSkill page.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,

37 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:67%, SB:43%
https://discord.gg/CNC9SPb4tB Заточены под Полковые бои. Набирается офицерский состав. Дружественная атмосфера и боевой дух!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, battles>750
Dutch Rage

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Dagelijks ragen is wat we doen. Maar we blijven het spelen...
realistic battles,
Australian Elite Forces

62 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:67%, SB:25%
AEF is a squadron dedicated to fun/competitive play, we are international but Australians make the majority. https://discord.gg/FUGF2Vg to join. Chat with an councillor for more info
realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Grupul 1 Vanatoare

211 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:66%, SB:30%
About the 𝟏𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩 (=1stFG=) | Discord address: https://discord.gg/HpBGRe3 1st Fighter Group is an international War Thunder based community that also has a squadron.
realistic battles, battles>1000
Scarlett Warriors

19 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:55%, SB:12%
Trying to get active people to try and have fun with like-minded individuals.
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>2min., battles>1000
Operation Infinite Ocean

33 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:60%, SB:40%
Open to players of all skill levels and levels, frequent custom battles on the weekends. DM:Capt_SumTingWong for the discord link
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>35%, lifespan>2min.,
United Quebec League

184 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:57%, SB:26%
Nous sommes l'UNQL, un clan d'origine québecoise qui a comme objectif premier de devenir la plus grande famille de joueur québécois qui veulent avoir du fun et rire! Vous avez des jets ou des biplans?
realistic battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>4min.,
Dywizjon Wspolnego Grania

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:67%, SB:45%
Gramy klanówki, mamy kanał YouTube i jesteśmy częścią większego projektu. Wbijaj na Discorda: https://discord.gg/WjzqprZ
Squadron battles, realistic battles, battles>500

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:68%, SB:52%
No requirements join if you need squadron RP
realistic battles,
Turkish Player Community

60 players, EFFICIENCY AB:68%, RB:65%, SB:46%
=WTTR= War Thunder Turkish Player Community Website: https://wttr.net/
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>1min.,
Armed forces of the Netherlands

46 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:60%, SB:16%
No requirements. Join if you are Dutch or feel like. Join if you need a squad. Join if you want to benefit the ingame squad extra's. No mic needed.
realistic battles,

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:72%, RB:50%, SB:24%
This is a squadron dedicated to the extermination of Noobs, Hackers, and Whackers. Required to be a certified Noob, Hacker, Whacker killer to join.
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>65%,
114th Royal Aviation Regiment

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:67%, RB:65%, SB:38%
We're a group of players based in Australia with incredibly active players.
realistic battles, efficiency>50%,

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:65%, SB:13%
We play a bit, time zone is mostly USA East coast , why we are better? idk we really aren't
realistic battles, battles>100
Reeeap PS4 squad

170 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:48%, SB:19%
=R34P= looking for active members. AB, RB, SB Squadron battles and tournaments Air, ground & Mic Teamplay, team rewards 18+ please Got what it takes to REE on the enemy and reap the rewards, join us!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, battles>500

35 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:63%, SB:18%
A casual international squadron that focuses (mostly) on aviation, but open to tankers as well. open to all. Come visit us over at our discord: https://discord.gg/dGjHgdU
realistic battles, efficiency>40%,

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We are a squadron for JusinPlaysTV's streams, we are his unofficial squadron, anyone is welcome. https://www.twitch.tv/justinplaystv
realistic battles,
IGS Gaming USA

37 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:66%, SB:29%
We are new player friendly and accept all skill level players. We mainly play casual but at times we play competitive. We are looking for more active members to grow our squadron.
realistic battles, efficiency>40%,
The Axes

11 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:62%, SB:28%
Meine Ehre heißt Treue
realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>5min.,
Dollar Gang

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:69%, SB:22%
Angle, angle!
ground forces, realistic battles,

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:69%, RB:65%, SB:0%
Külamehed liituge palun aitüma (:
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>30%, winrate>30%, battles>750

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:44%, SB:15%
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>40%, lifespan>2min.,
7 Brygada Obrony Wybrzeza

77 players, EFFICIENCY AB:67%, RB:68%, SB:47%
7 Brygada Obrony Wybrzeża jest dywizjonem stawiającym na luźną grę w dobrym klimacie w połączeniu z poważnym podejściem do jego prowadzenia. Zapraszamy na Discord: https://discord.gg/ZvqVKvymaT
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Legion of Freedom

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:68%, SB:29%
Here in the Legion of Freedom we value the player. We offer training for individual players, and always listen to input from the player base. We are a semi-serious squadron.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>40%, winrate>20%, battles>50

94 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:65%, SB:22%
A more chill squadron that's more chilling in our parent discord/squading up than a big focus on tourneys. Top-tier players very welcome. Discord.gg/anime (@Evangelion Martini#1337 for more info)
realistic battles, efficiency>59%, lifespan>2min.,
The 11th Eulen-Jager Division

33 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:61%, SB:22%
We are a squadron that is made around the premise of helping new players and teaching them the way that game works in a causal sense as well as competitive
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,
1 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej

142 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:55%, SB:18%
Aktywność jest wynagradzana awansem
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, battles>50
The Cozy Vault

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:67%, SB:10%
Everyone is free to join and grind the squadron vehicles together!
realistic battles,
The Somehow Germans

7 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:68%, SB:12%
Join our squadron for more fun
realistic battles,
les Baffeurs Fous Francais

24 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:66%, SB:30%
Tu aimes donner et recevoir? Squad mature pour tole froissée entre amis (SQB aussi, soyons fous!) Discord: https://discord.gg/MFm8QBwnHh
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:63%, SB:0%
just some people having fun
realistic battles,
Dywizjon Pancerny 334

14 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:59%, SB:50%
Wymagania DP334: Era III czołgów. Wiek, nie ma znaczenia. Aktywność. Komunikacja oraz Tolerancja. Jeden z następujących języków: Polski, Angielski. Komunikator, Discord. https://discord.gg/zXr8QeA
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>52%,
Crash Gang

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Hello , Crash Gang is a Semi-Competitive Squadron looking for players. We are an international Squadron so there will always be someone online for your time. Discord.gg/pdnem5Uqu8
Squadron battles, realistic battles, battles>200
Task Force Raider

52 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:66%, SB:27%
Voice Activity and Interactiviy
realistic battles,

94 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:39%, SB:16%
Giocando insieme riusciamo a prendere quanto più possibile dal gioco. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/203287-xviii-fighter-sqdn-odyssey-dawn-aperta-campagna-reclutamenti
arcade battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>2min.,

36 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:63%, SB:17%
We welcome casual and competitive players for all game modes. We are very competitive but we have the commonsense to know this is just a game. Join us in game and at https://discord.gg/E3E2wKy
realistic battles, efficiency>55%,
Legion De Exiliados

53 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:66%, SB:35%
♦LDE RECLUTA♦ A cualquier hombre y mujer capaz de ser aviador, tanquista o capitán naval con el objetivo de realizar ataques en conjunto en las batallas 8x8
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

50 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:68%, SB:42%
-ITAR- squadriglia italiana arieti RECLUTA, modalità REALISTICA, filosofia LUDICO/TECNICA, scrivi ITAR su facebook e passa per il nostro server discord https://discord.gg/hHZ3kTA
realistic battles,
745th Tank Battalion

102 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:58%, SB:17%
Looking for people who dont get offended basically
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:37%, SB:6%
Thank you for looking at the GALAH's. The rules are,,,, NO RULES APPLY!! Only one thing will be frowned upon. That is we dont abuse squad members or team mates if silly mistakes are made. We play for
arcade battles, efficiency>20%, lifespan>1min.,
Solo Flyers

21 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:59%, SB:24%
Squadron for those solo players who want the squadron vehicles. No requirements or expectations, just fly and have fun!
arcade battles,
Big Floppa

32 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:68%, SB:33%
Hi there, we are a casual squadron. Our only requirement is 1000 activity per season and a rank IV vehicle. Come join us if you need an easy going squadron. Message Portal#4916 for applications on dc.
realistic battles,
War Thunder po Polsku

125 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:63%, SB:32%
Wszystkie tryby gry. Lubisz grać sam czy w grupie - nie ma znaczenia - żadnej spiny, klanówek czy innych udziwnień. Chcesz ekspić pojazdy dywizjonowe ? Dołącz. Kanał dedykowany : https://www.youtube.c
realistic battles, efficiency>50%,
Defend the My Little Pony World

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:66%, SB:46%
My Little Pony Defenders Squad/Group. Do you like to fly over battle, use magic to cover and deactivate the enemy or do you want to put on your armor and fight? Contact us: https://discord.gg/b2ZYnd2
realistic battles, efficiency>10%, lifespan>1min.,
Stara Gvardia --- Polska

714 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:64%, SB:24%
STARA GVARDIA ⚔️ =SGvPL= gra w oddziałach, SQB RB, Wojna Światowa, Discord wskazany ale nie wymagamy obecności podczas gry ⚔️ =SGxPL= bez żadnych wymagań, na szybkie badanie maszyn dywiz.
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

81 players, EFFICIENCY AB:67%, RB:60%, SB:30%
IT-AR, il clan fa parte della federazione italiana(puro cazzeggio e divertimento), RISPETTO E BUON SENSO. RICHIESTO..TEAM SPEAK+MICROFONO!!, RICHIESTA la presenza IN CHAT
arcade battles, efficiency>20%, lifespan>35min.,
Stara Gvardia --- PL -- Akademia

416 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:57%, SB:20%
STARA GVARDIA ⚔️ =SGvPL= gra w oddziałach, SQB RB, Wojna Światowa, Discord wskazany ale nie wymagamy obecności podczas gry ⚔️ =SGxPL= bez żadnych wymagań, na szybkie badanie maszyn dywiz.
arcade battles,

120 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:60%, SB:15%
If you like SNEBs, SNEB is the squadron for you. We help each other grind out vehicles that we want, primarily aircraft, and dab on the haters.
realistic battles,
Angels of Vengeance

8 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:63%, SB:37%
German Clan:Mindestanforderungen Nur Teamspeak!Spaß? Definitiv!Nette und Hilfsbereite Leute?Kannste drauf Wetten!Nur War Thunder?Nee, noch vieles mehr!Bei interesse Melden oder auf anove-wt.de melden!
realistic battles,

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:68%, RB:63%, SB:30%
The nordic Spirit !
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
-Esquadrao A Cobra Fuma-

56 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:64%, SB:42%
Venha Fazer parte dessa Família, acesse: https://sqcf.com.br/ Maiores Informações nosso Discord: https://discord.gg/WD56nyG
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

7 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:67%, SB:39%
We will take anyone
realistic battles, battles>1
OEF Wolves

75 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:66%, SB:31%
Trying to keep it mainly for veterans for better cohesion and communication also to help other vets to unwind and share information if we/they seek it
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Egyptian 4th Armoured Division

67 players, EFFICIENCY AB:67%, RB:67%, SB:47%
Discord application for the communication, Sensible Human Being, Arabic Language, English Language ( able to read at least ) Apply Here > https://forms.gle/KYmPfBRXVC6oACDLA
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Antro Gaming

276 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:56%, SB:14%
Clan Antro Gaming recluta personas de las facciones Alemania, Italia y Japón!! Discord: https://discord.gg/B2pndHd (En Bienvenidos te puedes asignar los rangos)
ground forces, realistic battles,

8 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:71%, SB:59%
Are you playing War Thunder Solo right now, and want to expand on your experience by playing with friends? Then the PzB33 is for you! Join our Discord here for more information: https://discord.gg/WJE
ground forces, simulator battles,

213 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:61%, SB:26%
=INDIA= is searching for active members, no requirements just hop on in the family! We are a very friendly community and we would like to increase the size of this community, so join =INDIA= today.
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Black Bat 34th Squadron

132 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:65%, SB:30%
Squadron vehicles and Squadron battles or tournaments
arcade battles,
Technical Air Intelligence Unit

184 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:54%, SB:18%
TAIU is a great place for both casual and more competitive players to join and have some fun. We play AB and RB with active members in Air, Ground, and Naval battles. https://discord.gg/9qUXPEY
realistic battles, efficiency>45%,
Bulgarian Gaming Community

134 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:59%, SB:25%
We do need all to achieve the Squadron tanks in shortest time all are welcomed
arcade battles,
Dywizjon 69

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Zapraszamy chętnych do gry !
realistic battles,
British Victory

63 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:61%, SB:30%
International Squadron looking for players who are looking to grind out sweet squadron vehicles. Please be sure to remain active to maximize your RP gain to get the vehicles. Have Fun! Sqdn. tag monr
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>2min.,
Class Act Naval Air Service

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:50%, SB:0%
Part of the Class Act family. We use Discord for comms (come find us at https://discord.gg/XAzAcZe). Get 3600 activity to qualify for Black Flight!
realistic battles,
Sancti Spiritus

60 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:51%, SB:9%
English-Español squad Bilingual mainly playing on ground tank battles (AB and RB) and air (mostly AB) Unete y disfruta jugar en grupo. Tenemos discord and we play together. Apply. Latinos Bienvenidos
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,
War Thunder Pub Buddies

151 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:47%, SB:18%
We dont need tryharders, we're just buddies playing for fun, feel free to join us! Check out our Discord for more information! https://discord.gg/P6aCtPR
realistic battles,

179 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:60%, SB:24%
Squadron for players that don't want to be in a squadron. Join for the squadron vehicles and play at your own pace.
arcade battles, efficiency>10%, winrate>35%, air kdr>-2, ground kdr>-2, air kbr>-2, ground kbr>-2, battles>100

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Marschier oder stirb !
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:67%, RB:66%, SB:32%
Join for free battle activity lol
Squadron battles, arcade battles,
Templomos Lovagrend

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Aktiv játékosokat keresünk kicsi, és nagyobb szintűt egyaránt Dc használata alap dc Zotya. 2003#9270
arcade battles,
IKEA Squadron

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:60%, SB:0%
As long as you can play the game you can join Arcade air, realistic ground
arcade battles,
Viking Tactical

16 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:54%, SB:6%
We strive to be a laid-back casual clan who value Comradery and Teamwork over individual performance. You won't see us asking for minimum rank or minimum vehicle BR's. We play whatever we want to pla
realistic battles, efficiency>-999%, winrate>-999%, air kdr>-999, ground kdr>-999, air kbr>-999, ground kbr>-999, battles>-999
The WuFlu Lockdown Squadron

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:70%, SB:87%
Looking for people who can play Ground Simulator battles. Brain is required for some gametypes. Hail C̽͗̌ͧͥ̈́͏͚̙͕̭̘̬o̾ͩ̐̔̋͐ṛ͍̬͑̿ͦͩ̽o̟͉͊n͇ͮ̍͘a̬̤̰͆̍̔̃͋̀̾-̰̺̳͈̬̪̤̅̔͐̆C͎̫̯̺̫͘h̙͓̆ͦ̑̀ͩ̀͝ā̲ñ̟ͮ̿̾
Squadron battles, simulator battles, efficiency>-32768%, winrate>-32768%, air kdr>-32768, ground kdr>-32768, air kbr>-32768, ground kbr>-32768, lifespan>-32768min., battles>-32768