Complete Khaos

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"Bring Khaos to the Battlefield"
Created June 11, 2018.
Consistently top 50 in RB squadrons.

Complete Khaos is a competitive RB squadron and community. KHAOS was founded by veteran WT players. Our focuses are rising through the leaderboards by competing in Squadron Realistic Battles and cultivating friendships, teamwork, and camaraderie. Whether you want to improve your skills, squad up, or play competitively, KHAOS is for you! See you on the battlefield!
Requirements to Join:
  • Microphone and Discord
  • Active
  • 15+
  • Level 50+
  • Tier V Air or Tier V Ground
Requirements to Maintain Membership:
  • Maintain at least 650 personal squadron score each season. Easy! You have two months to do this.
Why Join Complete Khaos?
  • We hold weekly events!
  • We are a very chill squadron with easy activity requirements. While we play and compete hard, we do not require as much as many competing squadrons do.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/M4r2B3b
Website Link: https://completekhaos.wixsite.com/khaos