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Export data

There are various options to export statistics (for a forum, for a website, in json format).



Select the picture with cursor pointer (begin selection just outside the picture) and copy it (ctrl+c), then paste it into the signature field on war thunder forums
If you do not have permission to edit the signature, you have too few comments on forum.

BB code
[url=https://thunderskill.com/en/stat/[email protected]][img]https://thunderskill.com/userbars/i/_/[email protected]/en-1-combined-a.png[/img][/url]

This code can be placed in forums that support BB code (most forums).

HTML code
<a href="https://thunderskill.com/en/stat/[email protected]" target="_blank"><img src="https://thunderskill.com/userbars/i/_/[email protected]/en-1-combined-a.png"></a>

This code can be placed anywhere support embedded HTML code.

Export statistics