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Apocalypse Squadron

45 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:70%, SB:39%
We strive to promote efficiency in the air, formations, flexible but logical tactics and to have a bit of fun while doing. We look for pilots/tankers/captains who value teamwork and aim for victory!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>63%, winrate>55%, lifespan>5min., battles>3000
VIVID Abstucture

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We are an international squadron looking for experienced players. Our main focuses are Realistic Squadron Battles and Tournaments. If you are intrested feel free to apply to our group.
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>68%, winrate>53%, battles>1500
352nd FG

30 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:57%, SB:87%
=352OC= is THE best Air SB squadron fo Play Station. We are organized and take care of our own. Requirements: 18+, english speaking, have a mic, Play Station, have Discord, just fly with the squadron
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>77%, lifespan>5min., battles>50
Wings Of Victory

81 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:64%, SB:90%
=WoVi= Is a ranked, highly skilled squadron that focuses on Air Sim -If you are seeing this listing, you may qualify to join us. -"You are only as good as your wingman" -
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>75%, lifespan>3min., battles>10
S Pz Abt 503

30 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:72%, SB:86%
We are primarily a German tanking unit that speaks English although we can and do play Allied regularly. We use discord as our prime communication source. Contact Graf_Galland or John_Wall to join.
Squadron battles, ground forces, simulator battles, efficiency>80%,

18 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:63%, SB:86%
We do lots of sim fly outs as a squad in both EC and Operations. Always looking for more people to add to the group!
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>80%,

135 players, EFFICIENCY AB:65%, RB:71%, SB:45%
We are an experienced international squadron with a focus to Realistic Battles and Squadron Battles. Join our discord and talk to one of the officers. Join our discord:
realistic battles, efficiency>65%, battles>2000