Grupul 1 Vanatoare

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About the War Thunder squadron — 1st Fighter Group (=1stFG=)  | Discord address: https://discord.gg/HpBGRe3

1st Fighter Group is an international squadron that sits at the top for activity which is recruiting active players that like to play squads.

What do we offer:

-We have a very active Discord server with over 1700 members where we do giveaways as well.
-A very relaxed atmosphere with friendly people where there is no language barrier.
-The squadron members that are active in both, War Thunder and the Discord server get rewarded with roles and medals. 

Squadron requirements:

-Must be at least 16 years old (exceptions can be made).
-Must be part of our Discord community.
-Must have a decent amount of English knowledge.
-Must have at least a rank VI tank or a rank V plane and 1000 matches in RB (if you do not meet these requirements, but you do a good impression, we can make an exception as well).
-To stay in the squadron you must keep your activity above 2000 points (if you can't meet this task for a while, talk with someone from the staff, officer/deputy/commander and provide a reason to them and you will get some time to get to this amount).
-To stay in the squadron your activity also has to be constant (a minimum of 200 points every 3 days).