Vampire FB 52A / statistics for the last 1 month

These may be very different from the real, because we are monitoring only those players who use our site.

Arcade Battles
  • Battles 139
  • Win rate 81.85%
  • Air frags per battle 0.87
  • Air frags per death 0.82
  • Ground frags per battle 2.55
  • Ground frags per death 2.52
Realistic Battles
  • Battles 977
  • Win rate 56.96%
  • Air frags per battle 1.09
  • Air frags per death 1.53
  • Ground frags per battle 0.59
  • Ground frags per death 0.84
Simulator Battles
  • Battles 11
  • Win rate N/A
  • Air frags per battle N/A
  • Air frags per death N/A
  • Ground frags per battle N/A
  • Ground frags per death N/A

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