General info for F4U-1d

  • CountryUSA
  • Vehicle roleNaval Fighter
  • Rank3
  • Battle rating in
    • arcade battles 3
    • realistic battles 3.7
    • simulator battles 3.7

F4U-1d / statistics for the last month

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Arcade Battles
  • Battles 10931
  • Win rate 62.69%
  • Air frags per battle 1.1
  • Air frags per death 1.4
  • Ground frags per battle 1.1
  • Ground frags per death 1.4
Realistic Battles
  • Battles 1312
  • Win rate 46.7%
  • Air frags per battle 0.5
  • Air frags per death 0.6
  • Ground frags per battle 0.4
  • Ground frags per death 0.5
Simulator Battles
  • Battles 89
  • Win rate 51.06%
  • Air frags per battle 0.9
  • Air frags per death 0.7
  • Ground frags per battle 0.2
  • Ground frags per death 0.2

Wiki info about F4U-1d

When designing the single-engine carrier-based fighter-bomber designated as the Chance Vought F4U-1D Le Corsaire (“The Corsair”), it was decided to ignore the new weaponry from the F4U-1C and use six of the proven 12.7 mm machine guns (as had been on the F4U-1A). The plane’s main innovation was its capacity to hold two 454-kg bombs and one 907-kg bomb. Thus, the F4U-1D could be used as a heavy fighter-bomber. Also, additional fuel tanks could be installed instead of bombs. In addition, a more powerful engine was added, and the last 266 F4U-1Ds and 295 FG-1Ds could carry eight 127-millimeter HVAR rockets. The F4U-1D, the first large-scale variant after the F4U-1A, was produced not only at Chance Vought factory, but also at the Goodyear factory. Planes from the latter became known as FG-1Ds. The Brewster plant, which had produced the F4U-1A, did not work on the production of this variant, as its contract was annulled. All in all, 1685 F4U-1Ds were made at the Chance Vought factory and 1997 FG-1Ds at the Goodyear factory.

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