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39 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:76%, SB:39%
- Mainly Air/Ground RB, some SB. -18+ - Invite only - Personality is more important that stats
realistic battles, efficiency>78%, winrate>60%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, battles>2500
ADAPT eSports

15 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:76%, SB:51%
Read our Thunderskill Page for more info
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>77%, winrate>55%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>2500
bonk squad

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:80%, SB:86%
US/EU English Speaking squadron with a focus on lighthearted competition and possible tournament participation in the future. RB/Sim focus.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>75%, winrate>60%, battles>1000
Blood Red Squadron

68 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:70%, SB:58%
Oldest continuous running squadron within the War Thunder community. Primarily jets. Do not endorse tanking in any way and that is why you do not see us in Squadron battles. Aviation Purity
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>70%, winrate>55%, air kdr>1, air kbr>1, lifespan>4min., battles>2000

15 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:65%, SB:67%
Casual squadron for experienced players of 2 years or more and aged 16+
realistic battles, efficiency>65%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, battles>4000
Naval and Air Command Center

38 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:69%, SB:52%
Do you want to improve yourself? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you enjoy playing with other people? Apply to NAAC now!
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, winrate>55%, air kdr>1, air kbr>1, lifespan>5min., battles>1500
VIVID Abstucture

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We are an international squadron looking for experienced players. Our main focuses are Realistic Squadron Battles and Tournaments. If you are intrested feel free to apply to our group.
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>68%, winrate>53%, battles>1500
9 Pound-Hammer zMofos

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
9PH Kush Bois - Realistic niggah bois
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>74%, winrate>55%, battles>100
GMF eSports

18 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:76%, SB:81%
We are mostly russian-speaking community with some English speakers lol ||| Набор дэбилов, полковые для овощей о/
realistic battles, efficiency>74%, winrate>54%, battles>500

110 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:70%, SB:44%
We are an experienced international squadron with a focus to Realistic Battles and Squadron Battles. Join our discord and talk to one of the officers. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/F5DmXjy
realistic battles, efficiency>65%, battles>2000
Pure fighter squadron

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:71%, SB:35%
If you consider yourself as a good RB pilot and want to join a small/friendly community, contact us in discord. https://discord.gg/WqgU2Kk
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>73%, winrate>60%, air kdr>2,
Special Tryhard Snowflakes

10 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:70%, SB:42%
SPECS is a former Top 100 squadron, looking for experienced players. We are a small chill group, focusing on a more relaxed way of playing right now. Apply here: https://discord.gg/jM2WxkW
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>52%, battles>1000
The Last Salvation

14 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:37%
We are an English speaking squadron, focused on Squadron Realistic Events. You can find our Discord link in in-game description of our squadron. An officer needs to interview to be accepted.
realistic battles, efficiency>70%, winrate>52%, battles>1000
17th Airborne Division Gaming

30 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:67%, SB:50%
We're 17AD looking for casual players, we may do squadron battles in the future. We play mostly RB sometimes SIM. Must have discord. Cheers
realistic battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>1000

7 players, EFFICIENCY AB:49%, RB:75%, SB:41%
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>75%,
Almost Won

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:67%, SB:5%
A casual squadron for players that aren't perfect. Most of our players play Tank and Air RB. Main language is English. "You may have beat us, but we almost won!" Discord: https://discord.gg/2YYtMj8
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>4min., battles>750
Better Than Average

16 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:69%, SB:50%
18+ English speaking squadron Requirement of Tier 4 must have discord and working mic
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>48%, winrate>46%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>5min., battles>500

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:65%, SB:27%
PROXY is an Air/Ground RB squadron looking for new, active, consistent, and reliable members. We are looking for players that have tier V-IV vehicles. Discord-https://discord.gg/dMMPNzA
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, winrate>35%, air kdr>1, air kbr>1, lifespan>5min., battles>1000
Virtual Squadron 119

38 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:65%, SB:38%
Virtual Squadron 119 has a tradition of excellence, perseverance, honor, and brotherhood that has spanned over 5 years. Please visit our Teamspeak server at, or message us.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>4min., battles>1000
Jednotne Zvireci Druzstvo

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:68%, SB:57%
Jsme banda zviřátek co se nebere vážně. Chceš se pobavit a ne jen sbírat nervy pod židlí? Rozšiř naše řady. V Zoo máme ještě místo.... Kontaktuj nás =JZD=
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>2min., battles>500

53 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:69%, SB:24%
我们是ELI,一支专攻T3-T4空战历史的联队 欢迎游戏心态良好的玩家加入我们哟 Kira☆ 我们的QQ群:147596479 Disc频道:WSmRcVb
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>70%, battles>1000
Posh Elite Group

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Just Another Elite Group
realistic battles, efficiency>76%, winrate>60%,
Search And Destroy

43 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:67%, SB:40%
We are an international english-speaking RB squadron. We are composed of experienced players, that like to keep a fun community.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>70%, battles>1000
The Golden Lions

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:58%, SB:0%
We are an international eSports team with a focus on competitive play across all facets of War Thunder. All applicants who seek to join our team may find us on discord @6HMfyeY
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>70%, battles>1000
Sekrit Dokumints Stronk

31 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:63%, SB:16%
☭ Stalin guides our bullets, and gives us vodka for our engines. ))) Our tonks are made out of stronk stalinium, nothing can destroy them! Axaxaxaxa ))) ☭ Gulag ==>
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>4min., battles>500
The Foxhawk Division

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:63%, SB:5%
We have weebs, commies, freeaboos, baguette person, and are affiliated with the Roblox Mafia named Foxhawk (Don't ask its a long story), join our discord :D https://discord.gg/VU37fkc
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>54%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>3min., battles>1000

96 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:67%, SB:43%
A top 10 Squadron that actively partakes in Squadron Battles, both on EU and US time zones that will help you to grow and succeed as a War Thunder player. Our Teamspeak server: ELIT3.TEAMSPEAK3.COM
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, battles>500
Fuerza Aerea de Chile

8 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:76%, SB:86%
=FACHL= clan academia de =FACH= abierta para todo jugador que cumpla con tener al menos 100 partidas en RB. Unico clan hispano de enfoque competitivo para torneos Gladiators, TSS y 7x7
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, battles>100

46 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:67%, SB:45%
Nabíráme hráče hrající aktivně RB, především ty starší (17+), a rozumnější jedince. Nutnost mít TS3 a mikrofon a dobrou náladu!! Počítat s nasazením ve World War módu, svazových bitvách TS: 151.249.10
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>62%, winrate>48%, lifespan>1min.,

24 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:67%, SB:43%
Our squadron features a community of people that love to play realistic squadron battles. As of now we have 50 players 65% of whom are active and we are looking for more enthusiastic players
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>60%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>4min., battles>500
Division -T1E- Take It Easy

26 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:67%, SB:81%
Jeśli masz TS3, mic. 20+ i właśnie szukasz dobrej kompani do SB to dobrze trafiłeś :) Więcej informacji szukaj tu => https://goo.gl/49SAa5 Jesteśmy w ThunderSkill TOP10
simulator battles,

27 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:72%, SB:66%
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:42%, RB:62%, SB:47%
▋The Echelon Is Recruiting ▋ ▕Squadron Requirements tier 4▔ ▍ ▕English Speaking Squadron ▕Squadron Battle Members ▕Enlist At ts3connect.nl
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, battles>400
Quietly Confident

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:37%, RB:71%, SB:52%
A laidback squadron for those who like some chillout squad play at a high skill level. No strict rules in place. Looking to expand for the upcoming squadron vehicles grinding.
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>70%,
Kraft durch Freude

121 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:66%, SB:30%
Located in the North Eastern US. Our squadron is mainly based on ground forces but we also need some experiences pilots to compete in squadron battles. You dont need voice chat/mic to join but is a +.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>49%, battles>500
United Pilots Of Glory

36 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:58%, SB:73%
=X51= is an air simulator squadron. We practive squad combat tactics and then apply them in the actual sim battles. We also play other simulators like DCS and Arma 3. Interested? Discord: d9JtFY4
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>55%,

11 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:65%, SB:53%
Достаточьно свежый полк, в котором есть много опытных игроков которые смогут поделица опытом и многому научит. А так же веселая компания для свомсетных покатушек, дабро пожаловать к нам.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>45%, lifespan>4min., battles>100

81 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:68%, SB:43%
English speaking competitive squadrons looking for skilled players to help us stay in the top 20 and maybe even the top 10 in our second season. Must be 16+ years old and level 65 in game
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, battles>1000

27 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:74%, SB:58%
Relaxed yet competitive, We play to win and have fun doing it. We're recruiting to have a larger community that will allow us to compete in squadron battles. Please contact a squadron Admin to apply
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>75%, lifespan>4min.,
DisQualified Crew

11 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:71%, SB:66%
Nothing is better than M.I.G
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,
Fading Lights

20 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:70%, SB:57%
NA Air RB tournament squadron
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>70%,
Enemy Contact

39 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:63%, SB:38%
Enemy Contact is a mature, multi-cultural community with the goal of becoming a top competitor in squadron battles while still having fun. We tank, we fly, and we've got your back. enemycontacts.com
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>45%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>3min., battles>500
XVII Stormo Incursori

58 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:63%, SB:33%
Se avete voglia di mettervi in gioco nelle squadron battles in realistica, o fare qualche plotone in compagnia, la Diciassettesima è il clan che fa per voi ( xviistormoincursoriwt.iteamspeak.com).
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, winrate>40%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>250
Thousand Sons

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:63%, SB:44%
Buscamos divertirnos y jugar juntos, como un equipo y compañeros, si necesitas aprender se te enseñara no te preocupes Si te interesa registrate en nuestro foro http://thousandsons.forumotion.eu/
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>45%, winrate>30%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>5min., battles>1000
Acrux Squadron

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:65%, SB:26%
Esquadrão Alpha Crucis, recrutamos brasileiros acima de 60% de eficiência em RB, para mais informações entre no nosso discord (discord.gg/CWj7FX7) e mande mensagem para um Oficial, Oráculo ou Dono
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, lifespan>5min., battles>100
Finnish Panzer Division

84 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:67%, SB:40%
Suomenkielinen K18-squadron. Kohti voittoja - maalla, merellä ja ilmassa!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>40%, winrate>50%, lifespan>1min.,

15 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:66%, SB:56%
Jesus loves you
realistic battles, efficiency>60%, battles>500
German Guardians of War

67 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:64%, SB:42%
Der Clan GGoW sucht aktive und motivierte Member. Staffeln und Kampfgruppengefechte im Bereich RB werden angeboten. Melde dich! Ts3 IP ( ggow-community.de)
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>52%, winrate>50%, lifespan>1min.,
Smoked-out killers unknown

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:49%, RB:57%, SB:9%
We Restarted the squadron to zero and we want to make it an active squadron back again.
realistic battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>3min., battles>450
Do Broni

39 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:68%, SB:54%
¤ Dywizjon ┺Do Broni┻ Rekrutuje ¤ Gramy: SQB RB i Turnieje ¤ Wymagania: 16+ lat BR 6.0+ 400 bitew ¤ Wejdz na TS: srv2.multigaming.pl:10035
realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Shadow Kite Team

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Relaxed squadron, primarily top tier Ground and Air RB.
realistic battles, battles>1000
Cerberus Task Force

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:68%, SB:38%
We're purely a training squadron for all intents and purposes. If you wish to get better at the game and if we like you, you can come hang out with us.
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,
Croatian Squadron

79 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:41%, SB:13%
We are proud CROats
Squadron battles, arcade battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>50%, lifespan>1min., battles>500

31 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:63%, SB:27%
Hello! We are a WarThunder squadron "404NF"!
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>1min., battles>750
La French Bias

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:48%, RB:61%, SB:18%
Squadron Francophone de la francophonie LFB La French Bias objectifs top 100 SQB realiste
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Gagah dan Sadis

74 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:66%, SB:40%
Squadron Asal Indonesia yang lebih fokus ke Air/Ground Realistic Battles dan Squadron Battles. Have fun dan kebersamaan adalah kunci dari komunitas kami. join discord kami: https://discord.gg/Ys84Nx5
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, battles>500
The BlackSheep Squadron

129 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:29%
We are a casual, English-speaking squadron with a focus on realistic battles for players of all skill levels. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/3bzMMdh
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, lifespan>1min., battles>500

41 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:66%, SB:37%
Removing (Mainly Allied) C.A.S. Skilled Pilots / SPAA Players Would Be Great. Join The Discord.gg/C4v6dar
realistic battles, efficiency>50%,
1 Ceskoslovenska armada

54 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:65%, SB:47%
Neváhaj a pridaj sa do 1 CSA ! Hrajeme RB , klanovky , turnaje . Priemerný vek 25 rokov. (Staršia partia dobrých ľudí , deti nemáme ) Pri vstupe hráča do klanu , požadujeme min. 4 tier strojov.
realistic battles, efficiency>52%,

31 players, EFFICIENCY AB:51%, RB:65%, SB:35%
DRUCKWELLE ist ein Multigaming-Clan und sucht für seine Kampfgruppe noch aktive TANKER und Piloten aller BRs und Nationen. Mehr infos auf Druckwelle-hq.de
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,
Brothers Of Arms e-Sport Team

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:63%, SB:17%
Brothers Of Arms e-Sport is an European Competitive & Casual Team which focuses on Events & Tournaments. More Info Here-----> https://drakoumil.wixsite.com/boaeswt
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,

84 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:65%, SB:45%
Jogadores experientes no modo realista, interessados em jogar em equipe e fazer amizades. Entre em contato no nosso TeamSpeak (ts.stahlclan.com.br).
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>55%,
Misfits United

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Looking for Excellent players only to join our team.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>68%, air kdr>2, ground kdr>2, battles>500
Hi5 Academia

55 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:63%, SB:37%
Clan RB-SB latinoamericano, primariamente con argentinos, chilenos y mexicanos... somos un clan muy entretenido, pero también con ambiciones de ser competitivos. Somos el clan ACADEMIA de =Hi5=
realistic battles, efficiency>65%, lifespan>3min.,
No Forgivness Was Given

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
no bs polotics you put in you will get out and i will not tolerate small groups trying to take control,trolls,people who want to force their veiws on others nor cheaters in game.i am not emo leader
arcade battles, winrate>50%, battles>1000
Complete Khaos

121 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:66%, SB:41%
KHAOS is an RB squadron and community. We compete in Squadron RB. We're looking for great players like you. Make new friends, learn new skills, and compete! More info on our ThunderSkill page.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Deutsche Spielergemeinschaft

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:76%, SB:80%
Wir suchen teamfähige Ü18 Mitglieder, primär im RB und auch im SB Bereich. Tier II sollte vorhanden sein, da wir keine niedrigen Gefechte garantieren können.
realistic battles,
Dai-Nana Shidan

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We're a cool little squadron, Japanese based, once we get more people we will be doing SREs, join if you hate yourself.
realistic battles, efficiency>45%, lifespan>1min.,
Biggest Honour

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
sitting at 41st
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, battles>300
Shekel Grabbers

40 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:64%, SB:34%
Join my fellow goyim and support Israel, trully our greatest ally, must use discord: https://discord.gg/VGW297D
realistic battles, efficiency>55%, lifespan>1min.,
La Gloria de los Caidos

15 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:37%, SB:14%
We are a Spanish speaker squadron focused in RB and SB ground battles with all the nations
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,
United Quebec League

73 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:64%, SB:31%
Nous sommes l'UNQL, un clan d'origine québecoise qui a comme objectif premier de devenir la plus grande famille de joueur québécois qui veulent avoir du fun et rire! Vous avez des jets ou des biplans?
realistic battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>4min.,
Pizza knights Inc

13 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:59%, SB:23%
our squadron is new we need players willing to play competitively and help us become a successful squadron. REQUIREMENTS -discord -active mic isn't mandatory discord is easier for roles tho
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>45%, battles>300
Band Of Scrubs

123 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:68%, SB:52%
We are a bunch of scrubs who like to compete hangout and have fun.MSG any person for info.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>49%, winrate>40%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1,

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:70%, SB:80%
VVV45 ist eine deutsche Kampfgruppe auf der Suche nach weiteren Kameraden, wir fahren und fliegen übermäßig RB und machen auch ofters SB Gefechte am Boden. Die einzige Bedingung ist Discord.
realistic battles,

26 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:31%
Tier 4 Vehicle is a must along with a Mic and Discord. Message me and/or apply https://discord.gg/QCjdxG4
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,
The Unit 7

33 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:58%, SB:25%
The Unit7 is recruiting. No requirements, no questions, no "must". Just Apply. ..... More info on https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/352580-the-unit7-is-recruiting/
realistic battles,
Comrades ln Arms

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Through comradery, we will remain stalwart, vigilant, and determined. Requirements: Discord and Maturity. Join us today!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>55%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>100
Royal Order of Whale Bangers

42 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:60%, SB:20%
18+ community mostly eu and us time zones. Discord activity is required. Looking for lvl 40+ pilots and tankers. For RB squadron Battles Rank 5 vehicles+Discord+Mic.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%,

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Realistic Squadron Want to learn? Want to join a squadron run by War Thunder Veterans? Above level 30? Come speak to us at ca61.ts3.cloud:9269
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%,
Direct Assault and Reaction Team

52 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:62%, SB:37%
At the moment we are open for anyone to join in. To see squad details, join our discord server. Our 1st Discord: https://discord.gg/KMyvQeR Our 2nd Discord: https://discord.gg/TBkkM5Z
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>20%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>3min., battles>10
Republic of Fuze

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:62%, SB:17%
We are a semi competitive community of relatively active Warthunder players. Speak mostly English, looking to recruit some decent, active and cooperative players. If you think you fit the bill, apply!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>65%, lifespan>2min.,
Will comply

13 players, EFFICIENCY AB:43%, RB:55%, SB:67%
What make us special is that we put team work such as formation combat techniques on the first place as we fly.
Squadron battles, aircrafts, simulator battles,
13th Armoured Assault Regiment

19 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:63%, SB:35%
Just trying to have some fun while playing WT.
realistic battles, battles>500

32 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:63%, SB:21%
A casual international squadron that focuses (mostly) on aviation, but open to tankers as well. open to all. Come visit us over at our discord: https://discord.gg/dGjHgdU
realistic battles, efficiency>40%,

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:50%, RB:68%, SB:38%
We are a squadron for JusinPlaysTV's streams, we are his unofficial squadron, anyone is welcome. https://www.twitch.tv/justinplaystv
realistic battles,
Red Wars Escadron TAAV

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:40%, SB:13%
French Squadron , recruits players, plays mainly in arcade Ground forces.
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>45%, ground kbr>1, lifespan>2min., battles>100
Keizoku High School

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:77%, SB:64%
Join and have fun.
realistic battles,
The Axes

11 players, EFFICIENCY AB:51%, RB:61%, SB:27%
Meine Ehre heißt Treue
realistic battles, efficiency>52%, lifespan>5min.,
Federazione Italiana Arcade

76 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:51%, SB:18%
Italian Arcade Federation, we focus on italian players that live in europe and want to fight together in the same Teamspeak!
Squadron battles, arcade battles, battles>1000
Shinya no Hentai Teitoku Kyoukai

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:65%, SB:10%
This squadron is for Japanese only and is discord main. For the condition of absolute enlistment, please play Kancolle in active service.
realistic battles, efficiency>30%, air kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>50

59 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:17%
A more chill squadron that's more chilling in our parent discord/squading up than a big focus on tourneys. Top-tier players very welcome. Discord.gg/anime (@Evangelion Martini#1337 for more info)
realistic battles, efficiency>59%, lifespan>2min.,
The 11th Eulen-Jager Division

23 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:60%, SB:11%
We are a squadron that is made around the premise of helping new players and teaching them the way that game works in a causal sense as well as competitive
Squadron battles, ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>1min.,

82 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:63%, SB:38%
Wardogs is recruiting ACTIVE MATURE 18+ LVL 20+ players for Squadron Battles. Teamspeak is Manditory! Join us at TS3.WARDOGS.XYZ and speak with someone today.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>3min., battles>200
Immortal Legion

122 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:32%
Immortal Legion recruiting active English speaking players for squadron battles. Rank 4 vehicle, microphone, and Discord for voice required. Send an officer a message!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>25%,
Rage - World of Gaming

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:59%, SB:0%
Rage [R4ge] sucht nach Spielern über 18, die Spass am Spiel haben und nach anderen Spielern suchen, um zusammen zu spielen. Bist du interessiert? Besuche uns doch mal auf: ts3.rage-worldofgaming.de
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Fuerzas Armadas Latinoamericanas

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:62%, SB:40%
Escuadrón dedicado a batallas realistas y batallas simulador, nos dedicamos a jugar estos 2 modos de juegos con expectativas de impulsar a nuestros miembros a mejorar sus estadísticas, ven y aprende!
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>70%, lifespan>5min.,

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:50%, RB:56%, SB:70%
=BLACK DOG BEARER OF DEATH= =ELLAS= Sim only squadron for all pilots and tankers.We focus on air/ground battles,air/ground tournaments and different events.Please feel free to join!
realistic battles, efficiency>60%, battles>100

123 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:64%, SB:22%
We welcome casual and competitive players for all game modes. We are very competitive but we have the commonsense to know this is just a game. Join us in game and at https://discord.gg/E3E2wKy
realistic battles, efficiency>55%,

18 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:64%, SB:25%
We are a Realistic Battle Squadron, whose goal is to have a community, have fun, and do some squadron battles. A mic is not required, but it is important to have one when we do squadron battles.
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Brazilian Armed Forces

78 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:55%, SB:24%
[We have a preference for players in realistic battles.] TeamSpeak: Brazilian Armed Forces War Thunder Squadron
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Dywizjon Pancerny 334

17 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:61%, SB:38%
DP334 rekrutuje! Dywizjon nastawiony na SqB RB! Wymagamy III ery czołgi lub III ery samoloty , i aktywności. Nasz Discord: https://discord.gg/zXr8QeA
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Deutsche RB Kampfgruppe

31 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:56%, SB:16%
Wir, die Deutsche RB Kampfgruppe DE4RB, sind jederzeit auf der Suche nach intusiastischen RB- Spielern, die auch den Willen zum Teamgeist besitzen. Kampfgruppengefechte sind das A und O bei uns.
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>50%,
War Thunder po Polsku

90 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:57%, SB:24%
Wszystkie tryby gry. Jeżeli lubisz grać sam ale chcesz być w dywizjonie - to miejsce dla Ciebie
realistic battles, efficiency>50%,
The Art Of Warfare

68 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:65%, SB:30%
We are a casual squadron that always have a good time. We have a competitive team dedicated for the players that want to step up their game. You can apply in the website http://taw.net
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Try Hard Coalition

117 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:69%, SB:45%
Try Hard Coalition are recruiting active pilots/tankers for Sqdn Battles. We have a large/vibrant discord community with the emphasis on fun. Add me to discord Veghead#7190 if interested.
Squadron battles, realistic battles,

39 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:59%, SB:53%
LoS, we are a clan that is very relaxed in terms of hierarchy. We like to have fun, and are looking for new members! if you would like to join LoS then please send a PM to TH4_HUNT4R or Harveyp1.
realistic battles,

44 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:40%, SB:18%
Hi guys we are a friendly international english talking squad and we love the squadron battle mode! If you think you have what is needed join us and you see experience players and good teamplay !!!!!
Squadron battles, arcade battles,

12 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:56%, SB:28%
Romanian Army Group - unim romanii in war thunder - Vrei sa ni te alaturi? Te asteptam pe teamspeak la adresa
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Polish ACE Fighters

122 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:54%, SB:23%
Data powstania : 24/5/2014 , jest to jedyny aktywny dywizjon PL z top 20 , który powstał od zera bez żadnych zbędnych połączeń między innymi dywizjonami
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>5min.,

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:65%, SB:45%
We are =SBR=, a small-time squadron of mostly tankers looking for active players, preferably with Discord. Do YOU have what it takes?
ground forces, realistic battles, efficiency>60%, battles>1000
CS Dobrovolnici Jary Cimrmana

115 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:64%, SB:55%
-CSM- ja ELITNÁ Bojová jednotka určená pre najlepších bojovníkov ktorý majú túžbu chcieť vyhrávať a byt najlepší.! Tímova hra, Odvaha, Čest, Obetavosť, Rešpekt, Povinnosť, a spoločne pre Slávu a česť
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>10%, lifespan>1min.,
GOE Portugal Multigaming Clan

55 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:52%, SB:24%
- Esquadrão Português reconhecido pelos Eventos de Esquadrão; - Finalista da Copa da Comunidade Língua Portuguesa no WT; - Precisamos de pessoal com espírito de equipa, experiência e camaradagem o7
aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>55%, lifespan>2min.,

46 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:44%, SB:12%
Squadron battles, arcade battles,
51 Stormo

127 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:47%, SB:20%
We are an Italian Squadron (GMT+1) that likes to play Squadron Battle (SB); we are searching for new players that want to try this modality. Teamspeak is needed.
Squadron battles, arcade battles, battles>50

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:42%, SB:14%
This is a brand new Squadron for honorable pilots of japanese Aircrafts! As we are new, you do not have to be outstanding but somewhat average. We focus on fun in AB at the moment!
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>49%,
33d Ground and Air Training Sq

128 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:62%, SB:21%
33d Ground & Air Training Squadron Introducing new(er) players to all aspects of WT. Need seasoned players too! Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/tqHWV2Q
Squadron battles, realistic battles, lifespan>1min., battles>50
1st Polish Assault Division

7 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:60%, SB:38%
Only for Polish players! Jesteśmy zrzeszeniem graczy War Thunder pochodzących z Polski. Nie wymagamy mikforonu, TS3 ani dużej aktywności. Po więcej informacji zapraszamy do naszego tematu na forum.
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>2min., battles>300

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:40%, SB:0%
=iWs= Iron Warlords accepts Low Level Players over 18, Beginner Tips at our Forum, Teamspeak, Squadron Contests.
arcade battles, efficiency>15%,
OEF Wolves

33 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:58%, SB:23%
Trying to keep it mainly for veterans for better cohesion and communication also to help other vets to unwind and share information if we/they seek it
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
20 Panzerdivision

20 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:56%, SB:27%
Stehst du auf glühendes Metall, zischenden Granaten und dröhnende Motoren? Dann komm zur 20. Panzerdivision! Suchen Unterstützung für die Clankriege!
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>30%, lifespan>2min.,

78 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:51%, SB:21%
TS, RB Clanwars, deutscher Clan mit Membern von 18-60 Jahren
Squadron battles, arcade battles,
758th Bomber Squadron

111 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:59%, SB:28%
We're a very casual squadron - we have somewhat average requirements and are selecting some players to do squadron battles. PM the commanders / officers on the official WT forums if you have questions
realistic battles, lifespan>5min.,
Rota e-Sports

82 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:65%, SB:45%
[email protected] Falar Português Brasil. [email protected] Sempre que jogar usar o teamspeak. [email protected] Maior de 16 anos. [email protected] Ser um membro ativo. [email protected] Entrar em contato pelo teamspeak = rotaesports.selvahost.com.br
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>56%, lifespan>2min.,

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:36%, SB:0%
"Ein Soldat kämpft nicht, weil er hasst was vor ihm liegt, sondern weil er liebt was hinter ihm steht!" Familie - Heimat - Freiheit
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>15%,
The Elder Godz

76 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:50%, SB:23%
The Elder Gods are looking for experienced players that can hold their ground in battles, for Random Arcade Battles but also to enter the race for Golden Eagles by participating in Sqd. Arcade Battles
arcade battles,
-Esquadrao A Cobra Fuma-

45 players, EFFICIENCY AB:50%, RB:61%, SB:41%
Tempo de conquistar nossos territórios. ^sQCF^ A Cobra Fuma! De volta ao Competitivo! Venha fazer parte dessa Família! https://discord.gg/FwKKGjk
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
CZ Dobrovolnici Jary Cimrmana

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:63%, SB:65%
SME -CSM- Cimrmani, TÍM KTORÝ HRÁ FÉR. ZÁUJEMCI o členstvo Vyplňte si Prihlášku do klanu na webe: www.csm-clan.cz Skontaktujte náborárov a velenie na TeamSpeak3 IP adresa: wt.csm-clan.cz Tešíme sa.
realistic battles, efficiency>10%, lifespan>1min.,
Pain Syndicate

10 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:66%, SB:30%
Ob zu Land oder in der Luft, wir spielen AB/RB sowohl für den Spaß als auch den Erfolg. Wir suchen nette Member 18+, die zusammen mit uns das Schlachtfeld rocken!
realistic battles, efficiency>45%, lifespan>1min.,
Home IVF

17 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:67%, SB:39%
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Rainbow Cats

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Rainbow Cats 4ever
realistic battles,

128 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:37%, SB:23%
Si quieres venir a pasar el rato y jugar cooperativo este es tu lugar, usamos disccord y el chat de voz( no obligatorio) también buscamos jugar las 8x8 batallas de escuadrón las cuales tampoco son obl
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, battles>300
Iron Brothers

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
The best and honest Czech players. We play for fun and not for golds and shit like that.
Squadron battles, arcade battles,
Bulgarian Gaming Community

103 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:57%, SB:34%
We do need all to achieve the Squadron tanks in shortest time all are welcomed
arcade battles,

1 player, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
играем отрядами в АБ. используем discord для организации и связи. приглашаем в полк игроков с discord
arcade battles,
Loose Nuts

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:66%, SB:50%
The Loose Nuts is a squadron for English speaking players looking to have fun while playing the game. We consist of both PC and PS4 players. We use Discord as our primary method of communication.
realistic battles, battles>200
422nd Joint Task Force

30 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:59%, SB:17%
The 422nd are recruiting PS4 Players, Apply today!
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>3min.,
Panzer Recycling Station

53 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:60%, SB:33%
Wir sind ein freundlicher kleiner Clan mit viel Erfahrung und Spaß am Spiel. Leistungsdruck steht bei uns nicht im Vordergrund, eher das angenehmen miteinander gewinnen.
realistic battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>40%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>2min., battles>500
Best Squad War Thunder

53 players, EFFICIENCY AB:55%, RB:38%, SB:11%
meaning is to play for fun to respect each player in War Thunder to help the squad members and team mate's also all members will try to be friend each squadron team member so we all are friends.
ground forces, arcade battles,
Legio Adiutrix Pia Fidelis

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:51%, RB:64%, SB:48%
=ADTRX= International community, Join us to win together! TeamSpeak: adiutrix.tk Discord: https://discord.gg/5VHze76
Squadron battles, aircrafts, realistic battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>2min.,
Comando dos Loucos Amigos Brasil

117 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:63%, SB:36%
Jogar War Thunder sozinho não é tão divertido quanto jogar com amigos. A CLABR (Comando dos Loucos Amigos Brasil) é um clã para diversão entre amigos, se estruturando e treinando para o competitivo. O
realistic battles,
SK Dobrovolnici Jary Cimrmana

37 players, EFFICIENCY AB:47%, RB:58%, SB:52%
ZÁUJEMCI o členstvo Vyplňte si Prihlášku do klanu na webe: www.csm-clan.cz Tak sa Pridaj aj TY k Nám! Hráme: Klanovky-CW, Turnaje, World War Mod, Reálne a Simulátor Boje.
realistic battles, efficiency>10%, lifespan>1min.,
Corpo Expedicionario Portugues

61 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:60%, SB:25%
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Ludzie Na Poziomie

80 players, EFFICIENCY AB:61%, RB:47%, SB:24%
Dywizjon stworzony z myślą o wpólnej grze w miłym i wesołym towarzystwie, w którym dobra zabawa, poczucie humoru i dystans do siebie są najważniejsze. Chcemy wspólnie spędzać wolny czas ze sobą w kult
Squadron battles, realistic battles, efficiency>60%,
Black Sun

17 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:61%, SB:20%
The goal of this clan is to someday make it to the top of the leaderboard while still maintaining a friendly community. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/297170-rcorp-reaper-scythe-corp
Squadron battles, realistic battles,
Against All Authority

26 players, EFFICIENCY AB:50%, RB:53%, SB:22%
English speaking 18+ must use Discord Squadron battles when enough are on monthly comp for 5k gold chill and chat play have fun
Squadron battles, arcade battles, efficiency>20%, winrate>5%, lifespan>1min., battles>35
Black Eagles of Equestria

13 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:63%, SB:29%
Moin ihr dürft alle rein egal wie alt ihr seit welches Level ihr habt Haubtsache ihr seit freundlich dann könnt ihr sehr gerne in den Clan Wir bieten auch für Neulinge Training an, im Bereich Pa/FL
realistic battles,
Sea Serpent Squadron

14 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:55%, SB:0%
Searching for AB air and ground players that can be on around 3-10 PST. You dont have to be good, but you should be somewhat mature.
arcade battles, efficiency>40%,
Veterans of the US military

74 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:45%, SB:17%
Open to all active duty/veterans of the United States military. Feel free to apply anytime. We do have a bit of a competitive edge, but nothing too serious. All game modes
realistic battles,
Dutch Thunder

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:69%, SB:80%
nederlandstalig squadron voor spelers die graag beter willen worden of anderen beter willen maken. apply gewoon en dan kijken we of je in onze squadron kan. see you on the battlefield, parpar78
realistic battles,
Kasumigaura Naval Air Corps

55 players, EFFICIENCY AB:56%, RB:51%, SB:8%
Welcome to join in =KNAC= squadron. No restrictions on nationality, but we are most of Chinese. Apply now to join us, or contact my E-mail [email protected]
realistic battles, efficiency>20%, winrate>45%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>100
Royal Australian Air Force Bogan

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:47%, RB:62%, SB:26%
We are loyal mates who have got each others back in all situations, no Tank too big that we can’t take down
realistic battles,
Sim Zephyrs

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:67%, SB:53%
Sister squadron of Sim Scrubs [SIMS]. You're welcome to join. Our website and teamspeak at sims.is, pass: "lordarado"
simulator battles, battles>1