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PRO100 Squadron

1 player, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
Better players, better jokes, better ingredients. Papa John's
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>60%, winrate>53%, air kdr>5, air kbr>5, lifespan>4min., battles>2000

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
We want players who like to play squadron battles but do not take themselves too seriously. No ego maniacs.
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, ground kdr>1, air kbr>1, ground kbr>1, lifespan>1min., battles>500

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:67%, SB:0%
Come join the squadron that can't stop winning! Led by Shiro (Matcha) and Sora (The_Big_M), BL4NK will easily rise to the top! We're California-based and looking for Air Arcade applicants! 台灣人也歡迎加入!
aircrafts, arcade battles, aircraft bf 109 f-4, efficiency>60%, winrate>45%,
Kommando Spezialkraefte

19 players, EFFICIENCY AB:66%, RB:57%, SB:30%
APPLY HERE! https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/414442-ksk-kommando-spezialkraefte-recruiting/
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>55%, battles>1000

30 players, EFFICIENCY AB:69%, RB:60%, SB:12%
ONLY THE HARDEST PILOTS | Discord server: https://discord.gg/VPw6uMy | Youtube channels: https://youtu.be/W5sQmnt3AU0 | https://youtu.be/OGax55hqTvE
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>45%, air kdr>3, air kbr>2, lifespan>1min., battles>100
No Forgivness Was Given

0 players, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
no bs polotics you put in you will get out and i will not tolerate small groups trying to take control,trolls,people who want to force their veiws on others nor cheaters in game.i am not emo leader
arcade battles, winrate>50%, battles>1000

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:47%, SB:15%
This is a squadron dedicated to the extermination of Noobs, Hackers, and Whackers. Required to be a certified Noob, Hacker, Whacker killer to join.
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>65%,
Red Wars Escadron TAAV

2 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:40%, SB:13%
French Squadron , recruits players, plays mainly in arcade Ground forces.
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>50%, winrate>45%, ground kbr>1, lifespan>2min., battles>100
Dywizjon Ponurych Zniwiarzy

42 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:34%, SB:13%
=K0SA= Jesteśmy! Gramy! K0simy ! Dołącz do nas !
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>1min.,

1 player, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:50%, SB:0%
ground forces, arcade battles, efficiency>40%, lifespan>2min.,

132 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:35%, SB:13%
Giocando insieme riusciamo a prendere quanto più possibile dal gioco. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/203287-xviii-fighter-sqdn-odyssey-dawn-aperta-campagna-reclutamenti
arcade battles, efficiency>60%, lifespan>2min.,
Polish ACE Fighters

107 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:56%, SB:23%
Data powstania : 24/5/2014 , jest to jedyny aktywny dywizjon PL z top 20 , który powstał od zera bez żadnych zbędnych połączeń między innymi dywizjonami
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, lifespan>5min.,
Pure X

29 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:67%, SB:19%
Looking for new Members!!
arcade battles, winrate>50%,

9 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:43%, SB:14%
This is a brand new Squadron for honorable pilots of japanese Aircrafts! As we are new, you do not have to be outstanding but somewhat average. We focus on fun in AB at the moment!
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>49%,

6 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:40%, SB:0%
=iWs= Iron Warlords accepts Low Level Players over 18, Beginner Tips at our Forum, Teamspeak, Squadron Contests.
arcade battles, efficiency>15%,

146 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:53%, SB:23%
IT-AR, il clan fa parte della federazione italiana(puro cazzeggio e divertimento), RISPETTO E BUON SENSO. RICHIESTO..TEAM SPEAK+MICROFONO!!, RICHIESTA la presenza IN CHAT
arcade battles, efficiency>20%,

5 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:36%, SB:0%
"Ein Soldat kämpft nicht, weil er hasst was vor ihm liegt, sondern weil er liebt was hinter ihm steht!" Familie - Heimat - Freiheit
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>15%,
The Elder Godz

87 players, EFFICIENCY AB:64%, RB:51%, SB:23%
The Elder Gods are looking for experienced players that can hold their ground in battles, for Random Arcade Battles but also to enter the race for Golden Eagles by participating in Sqd. Arcade Battles
arcade battles,
The Flying Bogans

18 players, EFFICIENCY AB:52%, RB:46%, SB:12%
I'm working to improve the skill of the squadron. Don't worry about your activity too much. No TS required
aircrafts, arcade battles, efficiency>55%, winrate>50%, air kdr>1, battles>300
Stara Gvardia --- Polska

174 players, EFFICIENCY AB:60%, RB:47%, SB:18%
Zapraszamy potrzebujących pomocy w grze lub chcących dzielić się swoim doświadczeniem z innymi. Akceptujemy graczy o dowolnym poziomie i wieku. Jest tu towarzystwo od 12+ do 50+ grające AB ⚔️ RB ⚔ SB.
arcade battles,

128 players, EFFICIENCY AB:54%, RB:38%, SB:22%
Si quieres venir a pasar el rato y jugar cooperativo este es tu lugar, usamos disccord y el chat de voz( no obligatorio) también buscamos jugar las 8x8 batallas de escuadrón las cuales tampoco son obl
arcade battles, efficiency>50%, battles>300
Bulgarian Gaming Community

175 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:60%, SB:25%
We do need all to achieve the Squadron tanks in shortest time all are welcomed
arcade battles,

1 player, EFFICIENCY AB:0%, RB:0%, SB:0%
играем отрядами в АБ. используем discord для организации и связи. приглашаем в полк игроков с discord
arcade battles,
Best Squad War Thunder

60 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:39%, SB:10%
meaning is to play for fun to respect each player in War Thunder to help the squad members and team mate's also all members will try to be friend each squadron team member so we all are friends.
ground forces, arcade battles,
Sea Serpent Squadron

15 players, EFFICIENCY AB:62%, RB:56%, SB:0%
Searching for AB air and ground players that can be on around 3-10 PST. You dont have to be good, but you should be somewhat mature.
arcade battles, efficiency>40%,

157 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:60%, SB:25%
Squadron for players that don't want to be in a squadron. Join for the squadron vehicles and play at your own pace.
arcade battles, efficiency>10%, winrate>35%, air kdr>-2, ground kdr>-2, air kbr>-2, ground kbr>-2, battles>100