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Invitations to join the squadron

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Sim Scrubs

25 players, EFFICIENCY AB:53%, RB:60%, SB:77%
Join us at http://sims.is/discord Please message one of the guys in charge with the secret code "Cheesecake"
simulator battles, efficiency>75%,

3 players, EFFICIENCY AB:58%, RB:63%, SB:78%
Escuadrón para jugadores españoles adolescentes.
ground forces, simulator battles, efficiency>65%,
Division -T1E- Take It Easy

27 players, EFFICIENCY AB:63%, RB:69%, SB:82%
Jeśli masz TS3, mic. 20+ i właśnie szukasz dobrej kompani do SB to dobrze trafiłeś :) Więcej informacji szukaj tu => https://goo.gl/49SAa5 Jesteśmy w ThunderSkill TOP10
simulator battles,
United Pilots Of Glory

21 players, EFFICIENCY AB:59%, RB:64%, SB:78%
=X51= is an air simulator squadron. We practive squad combat tactics and then apply them in the actual sim battles. We also play other simulators like DCS and Arma 3. Interested? Discord: d9JtFY4
aircrafts, simulator battles, efficiency>55%,
Sim Zephyrs

4 players, EFFICIENCY AB:57%, RB:69%, SB:41%
Sister squadron of Sim Scrubs [SIMS]. You're welcome to join. Our website and teamspeak at sims.is, pass: "lordarado"
simulator battles, battles>1